When is supplemental health insurance worth it?

The range of benefits of compulsory health insurance in Switzerland is quite extensive; As basic insurance for the Swiss, it covers many costs in case of illness.

However, areas such as dentistry or geriatric care are not included in the cost of the basic insurance and must be covered by supplementary insurance. Since these can put a dent in your monthly household budget, you may want to ask yourself: Is additional health insurance worth it?

Basic insurance only covers part of the costs

Compulsory health care insurance in Switzerland offers these benefits:

  • Hospitalizations (in the canton of residence)
  • maternity
  • Outpatient examinations and treatments performed by physicians, chiropractors, midwives.
  • prescription drugs and lab tests
  • 50% up to max. 5000 euros of patient transport for rescues and 50% up to max. 500 for medically required patient transports
  • dental treatment after an accident or serious general illness
  • Maternity: seven control exams, two ultrasound exams and a follow-up exam, three lactation consultations and a maximum of 100 euros for the preparatory course
  • Immunizations (except travel vaccinations), gynecological exams (every three years), mammograms
  • alternative medicine
  • Outpatient care (Spitex) or inpatient care costs, Caution: none Nursing home buyout or home help

The basic insurance premiums are quite low, but the insured persons are obliged to pay the treatment costs. The general deductible of ten percent of treatment costs applies at max. A contribution of CHF 700 is allowed, but for children this amount amounts to CHF 350. The insured can also choose between the excess costs, which are between CHF 300 and CHF 2,500, and children pay nothing.

Change complementary nursing insurance

If you plan to change your supplemental insurer, caution is advised. If you want to change the basic insurance, cancellation is sufficient 30 days before the end of the year, that is, before November 30 of the calendar year. However, supplemental insurance generally has a three-month notice. The notice of cancellation must be received by September 30, so the postmark is not enough, but the actual receipt from the insurance company counts. Also, wait for approval from your new insurer before canceling. The same applies here: unlike basic insurance, there must be a promise in writing before you have your place.

You should see for yourself what additional health insurance is worth it to you. Most Swiss have dental insurance, travel vaccinations and non-cash drug insurance. Additional insurance for hospital or fitness subscriptions is not absolutely necessary. However, the individual must also make up his mind here: those who regularly attend training can definitely consider this insurance.

Complementary nursing care insurance in Switzerland: the main differences

In principle, nursing care insurance in Switzerland differentiates between inpatient and outpatient care models. Inpatient hospital insurance is mainly suitable for the following groups of people:

  • resident in rural areas
  • Patients seeking treatment at university hospitals.
  • People from big cities with high comfort requirements.

If the choice is a semi-private policy, the insured have the right to freely choose a doctor and a double room. The private variant is taken into account for all policyholders with even higher comfort requirements.

Supplemental outpatient insurance, on the other hand, specializes in services in the fields of complementary and alternative medicine. The service of this policy also includes funds for medications excluded by the basic insurance.

Why additional health insurance?

 Basic insurance covers some, but not all, of the costs that may result from treatment by a doctor. Therefore, it is advisable to take out complementary insurance for outpatients.

Basic Benefits of Supplemental Nursing Care Insurance

  • visual aids
  • medication
  • flu shots
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment by people without training.
  • Protection abroad

High-priced supplemental health insurance benefits

  • fitness classes
  • yoga
  • Dental treatment (mainly as additional dental insurance)
  • travel vaccinations

Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can top up your insurance package. But keep in mind that insurers are not require to include you in their insurance coverage.

Unlike basic insurance, you have to do a health check, after which the health insurance companies decide whether to accept you or not.


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