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What is the Ideal Monthly Health Insurance Cost?

When Fathan was 25 years old and entered his productive age, he was very happy to work. Three years later, He is enjoying happiness with his small family with one child. All desires can be fulfilled with his income. However, Fathan did not think about adding health insurance for himself and his family.

Because he feels healthy and productive, Fathan feels he doesn’t need to pay for health insurance. Even Fathan thinks health insurance is a waste of money. Better to use the money for other needs. 

Fortunately, it can’t be achieved, unfortunate can’t be denied. Entering the age of 31 years, Fathan was diagnosed with lung cancer. As an active smoker with this diagnosis, health insurance is difficult to obtain. The high risk becomes a barrier for Fathan to get health insurance

As a result, all of Fathan’s savings were eroded for medical expenses. Even the assets that have been collected are finally sold. Fathan’s ability to work has also stopped so that his wife and children have to accept the risk of the family’s finances being shaky. 

The Importance of Health Insurance 

The above phenomenon often occurs in society. Many think health insurance is not a necessity. In fact, illness and disease is something that can not be avoided. You cannot know when and who will get sick or get sick. Parents, spouse, children, or yourself can fall ill.

Sickness can take away the joy, joy, and enthusiasm in the family. If this has happened, then you will realize that health is expensive. Therefore, don’t be late, the younger you realize the importance of health insurance, the less risk your family’s economy will be shaken by illness.  

Facts that occur in the field, medical costs from year to year are getting bigger. When we are sick and want to get well, whatever the cost, we must try. If this happens, financial problems can become an obstacle that gets in the way and becomes something we don’t want.

So, the existence of health insurance for families becomes very important. At least to support the costs that arise due to various health problems, such as medical expenses, hospital treatment, or to perform therapy.

Paying Insurance Early 

Health insurance is the right solution to reduce or eliminate financial barriers that occur when you are sick. By having health insurance you can eliminate anxiety, worry, and discomfort if one of your family members falls ill.

Because no one is free from the risk of getting sick. Start thinking about paying health insurance premiums. You certainly don’t want to enter old age and health problems start to come, but preparations are not yet ripe. 

Therefore, the younger you think you have health insurance, the better. The reason is that the premiums to be paid are cheaper with the benefits that can be maximized. You also don’t have to worry about the increase in health costs that can reach 10 percent to 15 percent each year. 

Needs aren’t too complex when you’re young and single, so health insurance premiums don’t feel heavy. When you are young and single, insurance will be light because you do not have complex needs in the family. 

After marriage, the needs of the family will change drastically with the family’s financial goals. Because you are used to paying premiums, you will no longer find it difficult to pay for health insurance. Even for the family you contain, of course you also want to provide the best with health insurance protection. 

If you get information about health insurance when you are married, it will be difficult to make the decision to register because the needs are increasing. The desire to buy health insurance is delayed due to more pressing family needs.

Insurance and Investment

Currently, there are many offers of health insurance as well as investments. Insurance premiums will be divided in two, for protection and investment. So, while still young try to learn to invest with insurance. 

Indeed, the investment results that you will get will not be as much as if you invest through real investment instruments. However, at least you have learned to invest regularly. 

What if you already have BPJS insurance? Doesn’t the government require it? That’s right, you are guaranteed to get health services after being registered with BPJS. However, keep in mind, BPJS is the minimum standard of health services, not all people are suitable for BPJS Health services.

With BPJS Kesehatan, you must be prepared to face long queues and also claim procedures that require you to go to a level I health facility (faskes) first and then be referred to a hospital provider if the health facility cannot be handled.

So, there’s nothing wrong with adding commercial health insurance beyond the guarantees provided by BPJS Kesehatan. If you add health insurance from the private sector, you can maximize the benefits obtained by the insurance company.

Ideal Premium for Health Insurance

Having health insurance is a preventive measure if bad things happen. When you have health problems, insurance will provide maximum protection. Don’t wait to get sick when buying Health Insurance. Remember that health is your life asset. When you enter the workforce, it is a good time to have health insurance.

According to the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, M. Nasir, health costs in Indonesia are in the expensive category when compared to some neighboring countries. You can compare the cost of treatment at the hospital from year to year. The increase is about 10 – 20 percent.

You can compare it with salary increases from year to year, is it enough to match the increase in medical costs? Health Insurance has taken this into account. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate to have health insurance premiums from a young age. 

What is the ideal premium? You can find a financial planner from the insurance you choose. By filling out a financial map consisting of the types of savings that already exist, their nominal amount, to how much arrears or debts are, you will get the ability to pay your insurance premiums. 

You need to calculate it carefully so that there are no mistakes in the future. Be honest, because the nominal charging requirement is also needed to ensure you can pay the monthly premium without having to feel burdened. Usually you can adjust the range of the calculation results to your actual abilities.

After marriage, the calculations may change. You need to recalculate your finances with your partner. Data requirements are also changing. You must fill in your current occupancy status, future plans, estimated monthly expenses, age, parental dependents, to data for your retirement. This will affect the nominal premium for the ideal health insurance. 

If you haven’t found out how much health insurance you will pay, don’t hesitate to consult with the relevant insurance agent. To get information related to health insurance that fits your budget or needs, you can look for a second opinion from a health insurance agent, or compare each health insurance product to find the right premium price.

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