Voluntary health insurance - what I need to know

Voluntary health insurance – what I need to know

There are two main types of health insurance in Bulgaria – compulsory and supplementary. The National Health Insurance Fund provides mandatory health insurance, which private insurance companies offer. Through medical insurance, they insure citizens against certain medical risks. This type of voluntary health insurance (VHI) is not mandatory.

In other words, voluntary health insurance (VHI) is a contract between a person and an insurance company that, when performing specific medical interventions (described in an agreement), provides financially (up to a certain amount) health goods and services provided by the hospital. The insured person. There are currently 18 companies in Bulgaria that offer DZZ.

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Insurance companies provide various health packages to their clients, covering the health services described in the contract. These packages can protect health interventions that are part of compulsory health insurance and those that the health insurance fund does not cover.

What does DZZ cover? Voluntary health insurance is a way to get quality and modern medical care when you need it. Individually, for your family, or collectively provided by your employer, you receive a package of current medical services from qualified specialists from the best clinics without waiting and unnecessary bureaucracy.

In CHI, pre-hospital care includes primary and secondary examinations by a freely chosen doctor in outpatient and outpatient settings, clinical trials, treatment, rehabilitation, and systematic medical supervision.

Hospital care offers diagnostics and treatment of insured persons in clinics and wards of multidisciplinary and specialized hospitals for active treatment, manipulations, and operations.

In case of need for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, sanatorium treatment is provided in specialized medical institutions, including various physiotherapeutic and repair procedures.

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Other advantages are the purchase of medicines, consumables, and aids of the insured persons for medical services, preventive dental examinations, treatment and surgical activities, screening and prevention for health protection, and early diagnosis.

In case of need for treatment abroad, operations and manipulations in medical institutions in the European Union are covered. DZZ provides:

  • Health care.
  • Medical and non-medical services.
  • Ancillary activities related to additional consideration for the sick at home and in the hospital.

There is an opportunity for the group (corporate) voluntary health insurance for companies. It has a positive production effect by reducing employees’ absences from work and increasing labor productivity. Social protection provides staff security and peace of mind by providing fast and trouble-free access to specialized and highly qualified medical care. The economic effect is expressed in tax reliefs – up to BGN 60 per month for an insured employee is recognized as an expense and is not subject to taxation.

Family health insurance, in turn, guarantees medical care for your family. This includes facilitated access to preferred specialists and health facilities, the opportunity to consult with leading Bulgarian specialists, emergency and scheduled medical transport, and professional care and attitude.

Basic package services

The offered packages can be conditionally divided into several main types:

– Prevention package includes various preventive examinations, tests, and analysis of the results of specialists, as well as reimbursement of certain health supplies (medicines, etc.). These examinations are performed at doctors and medical institutions with which the insurer contracts.

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