Things to Do In Poznan

7 Best Things To Do In Poznan Poland [At Night]

Visiting a country is always exciting and exhilarating, especially for a first-timer. It can even get overwhelming as there are just so many things to do and so many places to see.

The city of Poznan is rich in culture with its dynamics and uniqueness. If you are planning to visit this marvelous place, the best way to travel is by car.

Seven Best Things To Do In Poznan

Here are some of the best things to do and the most wonderful places to see when you’re in Poznan.

Best Things To Do In Poznan

1. Stroll Around Citadel Park

With over 100 hectares of charming nooks and dreamy alleys, Citadel Park is located in the center of the city and is happily enjoyed by many visitors around the globe.

You can bike around and enjoy the scenery any time of the day. There are also numerous cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while sightseeing.

2. Enjoy The Billy Goats

In Old Market Square, you’ll find the Renaissance Town Hall which is north of the Alps. In the year 1551, the legendary mechanical billy goats were installed in the Town Hall.

These goats butt their heads out every single day at noontime. The movements are controlled by the clock’s mechanisms.

3. Try A Croissant

Your visit will not be complete if you don’t try out the famous St. Martin’s croissant. This Polish pastry is traditionally prepared and goes back to the 19th-century style of baking.

It is made with white poppy seeds and semi-puff pastry. There are even live shows to honor these tasty pastries and the prices include the croissants, too!

4. Take The Maltanka Train Ride

The Maltanka train runs along the northern part of Malta Lake. It is a favorite of kids and adults alike. The train takes the passengers all the way to the New Zoo and operates from the end of April until the end of September.

5. Visit The Imperial Castle

Known as the youngest and probably the last monarchial residence in Europe, the former Imperial Castle was created during the onset of the 20th century.

It was the home of the German Emperor Wilhelm II. During the 2nd World War, it was remodeled and became the resident headquarters of Adolf Hitler.

When the war ended, Poznan University took over and it housed the Mathematics Department.

6. Visit Old Brewery 50 50

If you are an art enthusiast, then you should not miss the Old Brewery 50 50. This is a commerce and arts center that showcases an arts center, a park, beer gardens, clubs, a shopping center, and even a hotel.

A guided tour is also being conducted every day for those who want to know the history and the scope of other activities.

7. See The Monet Painting

In the National Museum, you’ll discover rare and extraordinary portraits and paintings such as that of Claude Monet.

The painting which was poignantly titled “Beach in Pourville” was returned to the museum only in 2010 after being stolen 10 years back.

The city of Poznan boasts of historical and magnificent places to see and enjoy beauty of the place.

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