Teal Swan – Positive Transformation is Possible With Self-Healing Techniques 

Life is harsh, and when it breaks you down, you lose the zeal for living. Sadly, thousands of men and women in the world have lost balance in life. They are isolated from the community and themselves. They become depressed and, in most cases, they contemplate suicide. This is alarming, and it is high time that spiritual healing techniques and practices should be shared to save lives and help them bounce back to a meaningful existence. 

  • Teal Swan and her goal to bring positive transformation to the world 

Teal Swan is a well-loved and inspirational spiritual mentor and guides from the USA. She was born with a range of extrasensory gifts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was a victim of childhood abuse for 13 years because her talents attracted undue attention from a cult. She broke free from the abuse and used her experience to heal others from pain and suffering. This makes her different from other spiritual healers who only focus on spreading esoteric wisdom. 

Today, she has become an international best-selling author, where she highlights her meditation and healing practices. One of them is the Completion Process, a 20-step process for bringing in wholesomeness and authenticity in life. She documents her journey to inspire others and preaches the importance of self-love that will take you on the healing journey with success. 

She is a social media star with more than 20 million views on her channel Ask Teal. She connects with her followers and helps them embrace powerful self-healing practices for a meaningful and better life. 

  • Pain and suffering are a part of the self – evolution process

According to her, no life is free from pain and suffering. It is part of the self-evolution process for every human. 

Today, people have forgotten about their own needs, and they remain disconnected from the self. This sense of feeling disconnected also makes them isolated from others. In extreme cases, this can be dangerous as complete isolation causes depression, which can lead to suicide. 

  • The Completion Process – A 20 Step Guide

In her book, The Completion Process, she speaks about people that suffer and the past wounds they hold on to. Some people suffer so profoundly that their injuries manifest in body scars and other diseases that are often life threatening to their well being. They refuse to let go and lead bitter and sad lives. 

Teal Swan is on a severe and extensive mission to heal people with her teachings and self-help videos. In her books, she offers comprehensive guidance on dealing with past wounds, practicing the art of self-love, and connecting with your inner child. She has free meditation tools on her site for people to practice. She travels the world and conducts workshops so that her loyal followers can connect with her and practice her teachings with her loving guidance. She inspires millions of people worldwide and has successfully led them to the bliss of peace, freedom, and authenticity with her instructions. 

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