Strangest Hotels around the World

5 of the Strangest Hotels around the World

All great hotels have a very definitive purpose and theme with which they’re built. That’s what lends them their unique vision and attracts people.

Every hotel must understand who their guests are, why they’re traveling, and how this particular hotel would serve their needs.

Some hotels cater to business clients, and as such, they keep things crisp and professional. Some cater to a more hipster and artistic crowd, and as such, they like to imbibe contemporary artistic motifs into their hotels.

However, there are some hotels that are made just for those strange and creative souls who like to stay in places that are odd and eccentric
If you’re one of those people, these are 5 of the strangest hotels that you can consider staying at.

1. The Mirrorcube Sweden

This is a room within the famed TreeHotel located in Harads, Sweden. The hotel itself is built entirely on trees, suspended in the air.

However, this particular room deserves special credit because it’s completely invisible to the naked eye. The exterior of the rooms is built entirely of mirrors.

As such, it reflects the trees and fauna all around, thus appearing invisible to the naked eye. Of course, there’s the slight concern of birds flying into them. However, they counteract that by using an infrared film that can be seen by birds but not by humans.

2. ICE HOTEL Sweden

As the name suggests, this is a hotel made entirely of ice, and it’s located in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. You might wonder, if it’s made entirely of ice, how do they prevent it from melting during summers? Well, the answer is, they don’t.

The entire hotel is allowed to melt away during the summers and then it’s constructed again every winter. As such, it requires quite a lot of commitment and is extremely expensive.

3. Sand castle Hotel UK

This is the perfect hotel for people who are on a budget and those who enjoy the beach too much to even go away from it at night. It’s a hotel built entirely of sand. It’s quite literally a sandcastle that guests can sleep in for $15 a night. It’s located in Weymouth, UK.

4. Marmara Antalya Turkey

Don’t like to see the same view every time you look out the window? Can’t decide whether to get a sea-view or mountain-view room? Well, this hotel in Antalya, Turkey has you covered.

It’s a hotel that floats on a pool and keeps rotating around so that all the guests can get access to all the different views, be it the Mediterranean Sea, the city view, or the Taurus Mountains view.

5. Giraffe Manor Kenya

This is a small and quaint 6-room hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. The special feature of this hotel is that it has several giraffes roaming around in the vicinity.

When you’re having breakfast, they sometimes poke their necks through the windows so you can feed them. If you like looking at these long-neck beauties, you’ll love this hotel.

Well, those are 5 of the craziest and strangest hotels in the world. You can check them out to satisfy your adventurous spirit.

So now that you know of these hotels, all you have to do is make your bookings, pack your bags, collect your overseas travel insurance, and board a flight!

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