5 Globetrotters Shoe Buying Tips

5 Globetrotters Shoe Buying Tips

Do you consider yourself to be a globetrotter? Are you a frequent flier on your favorite airline? Is your passport covered in stamps from various countries?   Do you dream of far-off places and venturing forth on the road less traveled? Are you someone who can’t sit still for very long?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may be a globetrotter. As such, you’re more than just the average traveler.  As any well-seasoned traveler knows, finding the globetrotter shoes AKA the perfect pair of travel shoes is an essential part of planning your next trip.

Savvy and fashion-forward globetrotters like you are always looking for the latest in comfortable, casual shoes for globetrotters.  A thirst for adventure lies close to your heart, and you’re always up for discovering new things.

You’ve been all around the world, yet there’s always somewhere new to explore. And while you may be a veteran when it comes to booking flights, planning itineraries, and packing the essentials, you’re always up for learning more to enhance your travel experience.

When there are so many great brands and styles out there, it can be difficult to know where to look for high-quality footwear, but by taking note of the latest trends and innovations, shopping for shoes can become so much easier.

Here are five on-trend, fashion-forward tips to help aid you in your search for those perfect globetrotter shoes.

1. Comfort Is Key

Globetrotters all over the world know – a comfortable pair of travel shoes are worth their weight in gold. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning.

No matter where you’re traveling or what you’re doing, you will at some point be doing a lot of walking.

Make sure your shoes are up to the task and look for casual footwear that puts an emphasis on comfort. Take note of memory foam footbeds, genuine leather construction, arch support, and flexibility.

These are the signs of high-quality comfort globetrotter shoes that are likely to be a good investment for your trip.

2. One Shoe To Rule Them All

Why pack a million shoes if you only need to pack one pair? If you consider travel shoes to be an investment, you’ll want to look for styles that you’ll get a lot of wear out of.

And the key to that is versatility. Pick a style that pairs well with a majority of different outfits.

Neutral tones and versatile designs are an especially good idea when looking for everyday travel shoes. The idea behind this is to minimize the number of shoes that you need to pack, which is especially important if you’re traveling light.

If you have one pair of fashionable shoes for globetrotters or stylish sandals that are comfortable and go with everything, then those will become your go-to pairs for traveling. No need to pack more than you can carry!

3. Think Lightweight

In response to the public’s demands for better on-the-go footwear, brands have been making their shoes lighter than ever before! And lightweight shoes are definitely what you’ll want to look for when shopping for your next pair.

This is especially important for avoiding those overweight charges on your checked baggage.

Heavy shoes can really weigh down your suitcase – not to mention your feet. Do yourself a favor and invest in lightweight shoes.

 4. Cut It Out

Cut-outs are very hot this season, and if you consider yourself to be a fashion-forward traveler, then this is a trend you won’t want to ignore when selecting your shoes for globetrotter.

Not only are cut-outs stylish, but they’re actually very functional as well. Perforation and cut-outs make shoes more breathable, which gives your feet some air and keeps them from getting sweaty.  

This is especially helpful for keeping cool when traveling to hotter climates. Comfortable kicks like these are a great option when you plan on trekking off the beaten path.

5. Athleisure Is In

One final trend to keep an eye out for is the athleisure fashion movement, which, as the name implies, is defined as a cross between athletic and leisurewear.

This is one trend globetrotters will definitely want to take note of. It’s a casual, yet stylish alternative to traditional travel wear.

Athleisure fashion is characterized by leggings, tank tops, track jackets, hoodies, and of course, sneakers. This athleisure design can be found in most fashionable sneakers and even sandals that are on the market today.

Look for styles that are comfortable and stylish, yet offer more traction and flexibility than traditional walking shoes.


Fashionable globetrotters like you know just how important the details of a travel outfit can be. So why skimp out with sub-par shoes? Be sure to pay special attention the next time you purchase your next pair of globetrotter shoes.

Make sure that they are comfortable, versatile, lightweight, breathable, and stylish. But most importantly – make sure that they are the kind of shoes you absolutely love wearing. That’s how you’ll get your money’s worth! So go ahead, wander on in style and comfort. Let’s get ready for the next adventure!



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