Selin Sakarcan on How the Wrong Footwear Can Cause Pain to Your Feet? 

Do you know that your shoes can cause mild to severe foot injuries if you are not careful with the choice of footwear? You can suffer from pinched nerves, inflammation, and tendonitis because of wearing the wrong shoes. If you suffer from foot pain, there are many reasons; however, wearing the wrong shoes can be one of them. Now, the question is, how can you prevent it? 

  • Selin Sakarcan on how to choose the right shoes? 

Selin Sakarcan is an esteemed and widely respected podiatric physician in the USA. She is also a foot and ankle surgeon and fond of sports, health, and fitness. When it comes to health, most people ignore their feet, which brings them pain. In this age of fitness and health, sneakers today are an active choice of footwear for many men and women. 

They offer a lot of comfort to your feet over high heels and other uncomfortable trendy footwear that people wear for fashion and style. 

The sole of the feet has a fat pad, and it needs support. If the shoes you wear do not give you the proper support, it will lead to mild or significant injuries giving rise to foot pain. 

  • Is switching to sneakers a permanent solution?

You might think that switching your footwear to sneakers can be a permanent solution to the above problem. However, this is not always true. Though sneakers are supportive footwear, you need to change them regularly. There are flat shoes available in the market that you might seem comfortable walking in; however, sometimes, they are damaging to your feet and can give rise to pain. 

  • Buy shoes from trusted brands

You should buy sneakers for your feet from reliable and trusted brands whenever you buy them. Another point you should note is that when you invest in sneakers; do not wear the same shoes all the time. You have to alternate them regularly, so invest in more than one pair. The day’s activity will also determine the type of sneakers you need. For instance, there are different sneakers for running, training in the gym, walking, etc. Choose the sneakers as per the type of activity you are doing during the day. This helps you alternate between them and keep the condition of your feet healthy. 

According to Selin Sakarcan, you do not have to bid farewell to heels and boots completely. They are comfortable heel heights, and you can style them with your attire. You should not opt for impractical shoes or footwear that causes you more harm than good. You should exceed your heel limitations and exert body weight on your shoes. Doing this will injure the fat pad on your feet and cause mild to acute pain. Buy shoes from reputed brands known for their quality and design for foot health. They might cost you a little more, but they go the extra mile to protect your feet. 

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