Reasons to Use Canada Post’s Light Packet Service

Reasons to Use Canada Post’s Light Packet Service


Canada Post’s Light Packet carrier is designed for “light-weight non-record goods” being mailed out of Canada. Simply put, it is Oversize Letter mail for matters that are not letters. It’s a actual assist to the ones folks who ship presents to humans out of doors the use every year. Why?

1. It fees (usually) no greater than Oversize Letter mail. As of this writing, any Light Packet weighing as much as a hundred grams may be dispatched everywhere within side the global for just $3.75. No Light Packet fees greater than $12.eighty to mail.

2. The weight and length specifications are similar to for Oversize Letter mail. Anything as much as 500 grams, 27 via way of means of 38 centimeters (kind of 10 ½ via way of means of 14 inches), and up to two centimeters thick (the peak of the slot on a median mailbox) qualifies.

3. You can ship gadgets that cannot be dispatched via way of means of Letter mail or Letter post. CD’s, for example – recordings cannot be dispatched out of Canada in a “letter”, however they are first-rate in a Light Packet. So are jeweler, feathers, keys, and pens – whatever now no longer risky or illegal. After all, you cannot ship your far flung loved ones posters of the CN Tower each year.

4. It fees only a little greater to ship your Light Packet via way of means of air. Two bucks and alternate is the same old distinction among floor and air rates. That’s now no longer a great deal to spend to get your bundle their loads faster. And talking of rapid delivery –

5. A Light Packet may be there in as low as 4 days. Of course, this is the minimum, now no longer the average. But it offers you and concept how speedy those programs move.

Light Packets have their downside, too, of course. You cannot get coverage for them in case they are misplaced or broken, canada post lost keys and that they cannot be again if undeliverable. But ask yourself: How regularly have you ever had programs misplaced or broken anyway? In almost two decades of mailing programs inside and out of Canada, it is occurred to me simplest once. As for undeliverable programs – do you actually need to ship something to someone who moved without telling you?

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