Myths That You Must Have Heard About Letting Agents

A letting agent refers to a professional person who makes the renting process easier and quicker for both the tenants and landlords. If you are a landlord who is looking for some trustworthy tenants then you can consult a well-reputed letting agent. Such letting agents have huge contacts of reliable tenants and by using that they can find you the most well-suited tenant who will pay the rent on time and take the best care of your property. Sometimes landlords face a huge embarrassment knocking on their tenants’ doors to collect the rent. But if you have a letting agent hired you don’t need to come across such an embarrassing situation ever. They will collect the rent on time and submit it to you. Despite doing such a brilliant job there are some hugely popular myths about such agents like 

Letting Agents Charge Unfairly

Most people possess this strong misconception that letting agents always charge an unbelievable unfair price. And this is why people tend to avoid hiring a letting agent. But the fact is that professional letting agents Romford are very much authentic. They never charge their clients unfairly. Rather they always tell the truth about their services and charges. So this is a complete myth which we need to break immediately. A well-professional letting agent values their clients’ trust and for this, they are never going to charge their clients unreasonably.

Letting Agents Hide Important Information

This is another popular myth. Some people think letting agents hide so much important information about the tenants just to convince the landlord and make some profit. If you also hold the same misconception then it’s time to enlighten the truth. And the truth is that a genuine letting agent gathers all the relevant information about a tenant before approving their rent application. Also, they crosscheck all this information to ensure more safety of a landlord. Also, they discuss everything with the landlord before letting in any tenant.

Letting Agents Do Not Respond Much After Getting Paid

Letting agents not pick up your calls after getting paid. This is another very popular myth which is not true at all. Rather than letting agents stay by your side whenever you need them. Professional letting agents Romford even take the responsibility for property maintenance and rent collection. So this is a major myth that you shouldn’t believe at all.

Letting Agents Charge Extra Additional Fees

If you hire a well-reputed letting agent then you don’t need to worry about any kind of hidden or additional fees. Rather they always keep their fee structure very much clear to all. So this is another huge myth that we should be broken immediately.

Thus to conclude, a right letting agent never cheats their clients. We hope now you have clear ideas about the myths and realities. So just take the right call.

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