Caring For Your Leather/Suede Footwear to Enhance The Longevity

Leather and suede are two go-to materials when it comes to shoe-making. As a staple for shoe manufacturing, many brands have tried their hands at doing business.

Unfortunately, only a few have been able to withstand the competitive market, and suede leather Birkenstocks is a name worth remembering.

To talk about Birkenstock as a brand, it is important to shed a little light on its legacy. The foundation goes back to 1774, but the brand was established almost a century later.

They are well known for using leather in manufacturing shoes of quality, durability, and style.

The range of suede and leather shoes available today is simply mind-blowing. There are suede leather sandals, clogs, boots, and other shoe designs that are suitable for wearing on multiple occasions.

However, despite the high prices associated with leather, another thing that has kept the masses abstained from leather is its maintenance.

Although leather footwear is widely seen as a mark of sophistication, some consumers may be put off by the upkeep they demand. Unfortunately, the maintenance problem with suede grows even more difficult.

Leather and suede shoes are popular for their longevity, but it needs care and maintenance to last for years. So let us follow the steps to maintaining leather and suede shoes and keeping them in a good state for years to come.

The Steps To Cleaning Leather Shoes

There are separate processes used for taking care of leather and suede. The suede is only leather with a woolly texture. Pure leather shoes tend to have a finer texture and finish.

Whether you have Bend Low or Gizeh suede leather, footwear tends to get extremely dirty depending on the usage. Here are a few tips to keep the leather smooth and shiny forever.

  • You will need a horsehair brush for starters. Next, wipe and brush away dust and dirt on the surface of your leather shoe. Apply gently while doing so, and do not skip the stitches, crevices, and the welt area.
  • If required, clean the surface with a slightly wet cloth. You can also spray water mist, rinse it off with a dry piece of cloth, and leave it to dry for five minutes.
  • Once it’s dry, apply the shoe conditioner in small dabs over the shoe’s surface. Then, spread it evenly with your fingers or the horsehair brush, giving away a rare shine.
  • Unlike Boston suede leather, you will need a little shoe cream to apply on the surface. The quantity of the shoe cream must not be too less or too much.
  • After the cream is dried off for at least 5-10 minutes, like the shoe conditioner, the cream will also be spread out with the horsehair brush evenly. As the cream starts blending over the leather, the shine of the leather gets restored, and the texture remains smooth on the surface.

The Steps To Cleaning Suede Shoes

While cleaning leather shoes is not that tough, just a new level of cleaning is required for suede leather sandals or suede leather in general. Pure leather tends to give off a glossy and smooth finish, whereas suede leather comes with an apparent clothing texture. This is why maintaining suede becomes difficult.

However, nothing is impossible in today’s time, and we will walk you through the steps to cleaning and taking care of your suede leather shoes.

  • Spots and stains are hard to remove from suede leather. However, it can be easily achieved with a little help from a suede brush and eraser. The brush would also help remove debris stuck on the shoe platform.
  • Serious stains on Mens Suede Sandals will not be easily removed with a simple brushing. Instead, it will require water and shoe shampoo mix (2:1 ratio) and a shoe brush to rinse off the stains with light pressure in a circular motion. Then, wash all over the shoes, making the suede turn a bit dark in colour.
  • Once you are done rinsing off all the stains and are satisfied with the wash, take the shoe to the sink and wash the shampoo off with clear water from the running tap.
  • The suede leather clogs shall be brushed while holding under running water until all built-up is cleared away. Then, jerk the excess water off the shoe before polishing and blot away the wetness with a clean towel.
  • The towel will help absorb the excess moisture. Stuff paper inside the shoe and leave it to dry out for at least 24 hours before taking them out for a walk. Once the shoe is dried, rinse the surface with a suede brush for an additional touch-up.


Suede leather shoes seem to be everyone’s favourite, but people are often afraid to own one due to the complicated maintenance involved.

However, having the right equipment and tools is not that tough of a job. The Boston soft footbed suede leather shoe can be easily washed following the earlier technique. So rush to the Birkenstock store and take your pick.

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