Instagram Strategy: Digital Marketing Consulting

Instagram Strategy: Digital Marketing Consulting

Instagram Strategy: Digital Marketing Consulting

Instagram is the social platform that has grown the most in recent years. With more than 7 years of existence, it has around 1 billion active users worldwide. 

However, how to set up your strategy on this social network to succeed in your digital marketing? Get some guidelines here.

Have a target audience

You need to know the people you want to communicate with. This applies to all social networks where your business is present. At the same time, you need to check that your audience is active on Instagram, that is, using it regularly. 

Defining a target customer isn’t just about knowing their age range, gender, and location. You need to know how they interact with social media, what kind of content they like to see, what time of day they use it the most,

and if they follow any business accounts on Instagram. Of course, if your project is relatively new, it’s not so easy to get this information. However, there are digital tools that can help you perform an initial scan for free. Generally,

Make photos and real attractive

First and foremost quality images. This is your spearhead if you want to have a successful Instagram strategy.

Indeed, the main difference between Instagram and other social networks that share visuals is quality. Users of this network are looking for content that provokes positive and emotional feelings. 

Photos and videos should be beautiful, captivating, and taken in an almost professional manner. They should not only show products or services, but they should also stimulate the feeling of users to use them.

Grow your Instagram community

Respond to your followers and invite them to interact with your content. In posts or stories, you can encourage them to take an action: share the content, visit your website, or attend an event. 

You can also “like” their comments and personal profiles. Every action you take is an opportunity to increase your company’s visibility, grow your community and build customer loyalty.

Choose the right hashtags

Nowadays, the term hashtag is known to everyone. Created by Twitter and used by other networks, it performs the function of creating tags to associate content with an argument or keyword. 

This makes it easier to optimize searches on a social network or a blog. Therefore, it is very important to choose the hashtags carefully.

It is recommended that each post on Instagram be accompanied by a description and a number of hashtags related to the subject communicated. 

They must be relevant and specific to the published content. Don’t use hashtags that are too popular, as this reduces the visibility of your content. 

It is recommended to use less generic ones and even to personalize some of them when appropriate (for an advertising campaign, for example).

Take inspiration from competitors 

You don’t need to improvise on the key elements of your campaign, like the frequency of your posts or the time of day. By establishing well-informed benchmarks, given by your competitors and others, you completely eliminate the guessing game.

The study of your competition is essential to define your reference criteria. But first you need to define who your competitor is (if you’re a small tech startup, your competitor isn’t Google). Measure your performance against companies similar in age, size, and profitability to yours.

Analyze the performance of your Instagram account

Using statistics, as mentioned above, allows you to understand if your Instagram marketing strategy is working. 

You will be able to know the messages that had the most visibility and the most interaction with the people who followed them, how many times your company profile was viewed compared to the previous period, information about your followers,

if they are the same as those defined at the start or if you need to adapt your communication strategy to reach a different audience.

In the event that you have carried out an advertising campaign on Instagram, it is necessary to follow its results, either in the Facebook tool or from Instagram if you have promoted a post.

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