How to show or hide the CC and BCC field in the email sending window?

When entering our email, if we want to send a message, we must click on ‘Compose’ at that moment we will be able to see the box where we must write the message, at the top of the ‘New Message’ dialog box we will see several fields that we must fill, the first ‘From’ will be filled in automatically, since it is the data corresponding to our email address, since that is where the message will come from, the second field is ‘To’ where we will place the main recipients.

Finally we find ‘Subjects’ where we can indicate what the message is about, To the right of the ‘From’ field we see two buttons, one with the acronym ‘CC’ and the other ‘BCC’ if we click on them we will activate these fields which will be placed just below the ‘To’ field, once active it is not possible to deactivate them except by closing the ‘New Message’ dialog box and opening a new one.

How do I know when to use CC or BCC in my emails?

The occasion determines what we actually want to do with the email to be send, for example, the coordination of an institution wants to send a communication to its staff and wants the staff to send a response as receive, the coordinator writes the mail, places the recipients ‘The Employees’ and in the CC field, for example, place the deputy director and the director, since both the deputy director and the director are in the CC field they know that they should not response, the information is not for them but they should be informed of what the coordination told the employees. On occasions like this the CC field is use.

On the other hand, the same institution wishes to inform the clients that it makes use of its services, these clients do not know each other, so the coordination in this case redacts the mail again with a copy to their superiors, but now includes the clients in the blind carbon copy(BCC) field so that everyone receives the information without knowing who else uses these services.

Use a category to turn off automatic CC per message

If you want the flexibility to turn off the new automatic cc rule on a single message without going to the Rules and Alerts dialog box, you can use the category feature in Outlook, along with the rule.

Edit the rule you created earlier so that if you add a specified category to the message, the CC rule doesn’t automatically copy anyone.

  • In Mail, on the Home tab, click Rules > Manage rules & alerts.
  • On the Email Rules tab, click the rule that you created earlier, and then click Change Rule.
  • Click Edit Rule Settings.
  • Click Next on the first two steps of the Rules Wizard until you see Are there any exceptions?
  • Under Step 1: Select exceptions (if necessary), select the Except if assigned to category check box.
  • Under Step 2: Edit the rule description (click an underlined value), and click Category.
  • In the Color Categories dialog, click New.
  • In the Add New Category dialog box, in the Name box, type No Auto CC.
  • You can also assign a keyboard shortcut that can be use to quickly apply this category to a message. To do this, click an option in the Shortcut keys list.
  • Click OK to close the Add New Category and Color Categories dialog boxes.
  • Click Finish.
  • You’ll see a message that the rule is a client-only rule. Click OK.


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