How much money will Real Madrid take if they win the 2022 Champions League final?

How Much Money Will Real Madrid Take If They Win The 2022 Champions League Final?

The salaries of soccer players are an issue that tends to arouse a lot of controversy in Spain. Many people claim that it is unfair that some guys who only run after a ball win millions of euros. However, within the world of sport, relatively high figures have always been handled.

For this reason, today, in Modern Football, we wanted to analyze the salaries of Real Madrid players in recent times. Above all, after the pandemic, the issue of soccer players‘ wages has had to be lowered due to the health situation.

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Complete list of salaries of Real Madrid footballers

Due to the little information that can be found and the lack of transparency of the club’s financial department, the only data that has been found is referring to last season. However, what has been known is that salary reductions have been maintained or, in any case, will have increased slightly this year.

For this reason, for this list we have used the information provided by Mundo Deportivo to create this complete list with the salary reduction of Real Madrid players.

Where does the information on the salaries of Real Madrid footballers come from?

After the initial shock with the COVID-19 pandemic, the main clubs in the world chose to take action on the issue of salaries so that the economic impact on the coffers of the clubs did not get out of control. Among them, of course, is the Real Madrid squad .

Since these measures were taken, sports media such as Marca, Diario AS , Sport or Mundo Deportivo analyzed the figures that could be handled within the white locker room after the salary reduction .

For this reason, using the ‘verified’ information of these media, we have created this informative article with the updated salaries of the white house.

Why did Real Madrid lower the salary of its players?

As we mentioned earlier, the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic did not leave any team in the world of soccer indifferent. The white club, usually accustomed to dealing with high figures and astronomical salaries, saw their transfer plans frustrated and the renewal of some stars after the enormous losses.

In fact, the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez , confirmed that the white club’s losses amount to 400 million euros. Some losses that, in principle, destabilized the merengue club financially.

For this reason, enormous efforts were made to cut costs and, among the main affected by this were the Real Madrid players. As it is one of the club’s biggest expenses annually, an agreement was reached to lower the players’ salaries by up to 20% while the situation stabilized.

Reception of the staff to low wages

The Real Madrid players initially did not seem enthusiastic about lowering their high salaries . However, after various talks, the president Florentino Pérez reached an agreement with the squad to lower the salaries of all the members of the Real Madrid first team. Including not only the players, but also the members of the coaching staff.

Currently, although it is true that the players understand the reasons for the salary cuts, there are some media that say that there are players, including Sergio Ramos, who have been very critical of this measure.

Not because of the fact of earning less, but because of the fact that there is talk of great signings ( Mbappe, Haaland ) while his renewal is not closed for financial reasons.

Salaries: Is the Real Madrid squad the best paid in Spain?

There is some debate about which is the best paid squad in LaLiga Santander. However, Diario Marca has been in charge of putting an end to this discussion by echoing a graph taken from a sports media specialized in finance.

In said graph, it is confirmed that Real Madrid does not have the best paid squad in all of Spain . Rather, who takes that place is his great rival, FC Barcelona, ​​averaging 10.96 million euros in salaries . However, the Real Madrid squad is not far behind, being the second-best in the world with an average of 9.94 million.

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