Gordon Ramsay net worth

How Much Gordon Ramsay Really Worth

How Much Gordon Ramsay Really Worth

How Much Gordon Ramsay Really Worth, Some are motivated by harsh words and lots of profanity, while others simply love to see other people being bullied after a hard day. 

Whichever field you fall into, chances are you’ve seen Gordon Ramsay blush for yelling at someone on television. 

Thanks to his ambition and determination, however, Ramsay has certainly become a well-known hit despite a challenging childhood.

Born in Scotland and raised in England, Ramsay’s father moved his family frequently in search of opportunities that often failed. 

His father was a violent alcoholic, so Ramsay moved into his own apartment at age 16. He even started a career as a football star at age 12, auditioning for his favorite team as he got older. 

Thanks to many injuries, Ramsay left the game at the age of 19, but his love for the kitchen had already begun.

As he climbed the culinary ladder and earned Michelin stars, Ramsay went on to become a success as a writer, food critic, and television personality, in addition to his status as a chef and restaurateur (via Celebrity Net Worth )

Gordon Ramsay’s Net Worth

Today, Ramsay is the only chef on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 List. He has 35 restaurants worldwide and a $100 million deal with Lion Capital, of which he sold his 50 percent stake, to build another 100 restaurants in the United States over the next five years. 

Between Hell’s Kitchen and Master Cook and other shows, Ramsay also has over 75 hours of programming that has earned Fox over $150 million in annual ad revenue (via Forbes )

All these accomplishments have earned Ramsay a net worth of $220 million and an annual salary of $60 million (via Celebrity Net Worth ) for products it endorses. 

With earnings like that, his $8.4 million London home is just a drop in the bucket (via Celeb Insider ) Seemingly blind greed and ambition earn millions.

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