How can one find a good business mentor?

Finding the right mentor can mean the difference between success and failure in your business. A righteous mentoring platform acts as a soundboard of your ideas and concerns, takes responsibility for your commitment, and provides encouragement and wise advice when needed. What kind of person one should look for as a mentor?

Before starting your search of finding a mentor, you need to define what expectations you have from your mentoring platform. The essential mentoring elements that you define before you start a mentor search are:

 What is the most important quality you want from a business mentor? How much experience does my business mentor need? What kind of experience does my business mentor need to have? For example, do you need a mentor who owns a business in a particular industry, or do you work with an e-commerce expert mentor because most of your business is online?

 How often do you want to work with the mentoring platform? How do you work with your mentor? (For example, are you just looking for an email chat once in a while, or do you want to schedule regular Zoom or face-to-face meetings for advice?)

 Which benchmarks are necessary when choosing a mentor?

Possible platforms wherein you can find the right mentor for yourself-

 Networking events

 Networking events are designed to connect people and make these events a great opportunity to expand your network of professionals. Talk to as much as people as you can. Expand your connections and then, wait for you to feel the potential mentoring platform.

 Entrepreneurial hotspots

 If you live in a mega-city with a growing startup scene, there may be some entrepreneurial “hotspots” in the area. These are so diverse that we use this ambiguous term. For example, there is a startup incubator with an open workspace where you can work and meet new people in the industry. You can also brainstorm weekly between creative minds at the downtown library. Please look away and visit as much as possible.

 LinkedIn and Twitter

 You’ll want to call it “social media” here, but Twitter and LinkedIn are big players for connecting with professionals. Find a potential mentoring platform based on industry and demographics, and feel free to introduce yourself unobtrusively before seeking more meaningful engagement.

Online platforms

Is there anything in this world which hasn’t been online-zed yet? Mentoring platforms are no different. Many quality platforms are waiting for you. The quantity is surely accompanied by quality.

Start your search today and you will be exposed to countless results. A few options for reference might include- Clarity, Askme, Growthmentor, Pelion, and many more.

Industrial Center

Are there any conferences or lectures related to your industry? If so, these are great places to find people who are more experienced than you and you can learn more about your industry while searching for indirect competitors.

 Your direct competitors will hesitate to give you practical advice on how to succeed. Instead, look for indirect competitors.

Companies in the same industry target different market segments, or companies across the country, without affecting regional relationships. If these organisations have been in business longer than you, their leaders will have considerable wisdom.


 Volunteering is a surprisingly good way to create new contacts. From college students to retirees, you can meet everyone who teaches you new things. Also, in the meantime, it has the potential to give back to the community and improve the reputation of the business.

 Friends and family

 Have you heard advices from your friends and family? Someone on your contact list may know where you want to be a successful entrepreneur or your ex-roommate. These types of connections tend to be the easiest to create once they are discovered.

  Somewhere else

 The truth is that if you are open to new experiences and new connections, you may be able to meet mentors everywhere. Talk to a stranger. Get to know your acquaintances better. You never know who will give your life the next big insight or breakthrough introduction. There is no “secret” when it comes to finding a mentoring platform. If you were a mentor, see where you are. Be patient and accept new contacts. And finally, you meet someone who can help you get your business off the ground.

What can a mentor do for you?

The purpose of mentoring is to grow with the knowledge and experience of those

who are more advanced than you, and

it is the best way to accelerate your growth.

This guide goes into detail about everything about mentoring.

Benefits, reasons for creating a mentor, mentoring at work, and how to start a mentoring program.

Mentoring platforms will not only help your business but will nurture you as a whole. It can lead to personal growth like-

  1. Help in making connections
  2. Inculcate leadership qualities
  3. Facing criticism
  4. Build confidence
  5. Decision making
  6. Problem-solving
  7. Skill development
  8. Knowledge transfer, and more

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