How and When is Work and Travel Tax Refund Made?

How and When is Work and Travel Tax Refund Made?

Work and Travel tax refund says that you must have participated in the program before starting the process. Before 2019, the students who participated in the program were deducted from their salaries, including Federal and State, from their wages during their work in the USA. However, students could receive most of these deductions with the application they made when they returned to Turkey. With the new administration in the USA, significant changes have been made in tax refund payments. Accordingly, if the total amount of salary received during working in the USA is $4000 or less, the participants do not accept any refund or receive a small amount due to some situations within the tax law. However, federal and state refunds of any earnings over this amount are possible. So when and how can you apply?

When is Work and Travel Tax Refund Application Made?

You can apply for returns as soon as you return from the US. However, your transaction starts in January, the following year, the year you return. Because the tax period in the USA ends on December 31, the receivables are calculated with the date of January 1, and the transactions are started. Your employer will send you the W2 form in January, showing your net earnings while working in the USA. The W2 form is one of the documents you must submit to the refund company during the tax refund application.

When applying for a Work and Travel Tax Refund, you must submit the following documents:

  • Visa page of your passport
  • Identity page of your passport
  • All Paychecks or W2 forms you received in the USA
  • Application form (available from the returns company website)
  • DS-2019 form (may not be necessary in some cases, but it will be quick if it does)
  • A copy of your SSN card (most of the time, it is enough to know the number, but it is not a guarantee)

Where Should You Apply for Work and Travel Tax Refund?

WestLine recommends Taxback for Work and Travel tax refunds. You can start your applications through Sprintax, which is Taxback’s service. After logging in, you can create an account and continue with your transactions. You can reach Taxback’s Turkish Support Desk for fees, calculations, or other questions.

Beware of Tax Refund Brokers!

Pay attention to the intermediary company or persons other than the Sprintax tax refund agent. With the new tax law, the tax refund in the USA is no longer as high as before. However, some people or institutions say that you can get a refund back and that you can get an amount of $ 1000 as if it is your right, and they mislead. What this person or people are doing makes you work and travel. Even though you have returned from the program, she pretends to be studying in the USA and receives aid from the state. Even if the American Tax Office gives these amounts because it works on the IRS declaration method, one day, it will knock on your door and demand the money back with interest. This may be at the border the next time you enter the US or may be requested by mail to your home. Such person or persons start the extradition process from you and gain an unfair advantage, making you indebted to the United States and conducive to your involvement in the crime. For this reason, you should make your refund transactions through Sprintax, which is Taxback’s service, or ask for support to start transactions via

Do not send or give a copy of your SSN, passport visa page, and DS-2019 form to anyone other than government agencies. If you have received services from individuals or different institutions before, especially for 2018 tax refund transactions, please get in touch with to check your status and whether your refund transactions are done correctly. Taxback stated that it would help all J1 students after the incident that broke out on this issue.

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