gifts for the special man in your life

6 Gifts for the special man in your life

Maybe he’s already got everything, or perhaps he’s just one of those people who is very difficult to buy for. Regardless of the type of guy he is, he’s likely to love at least one of the ideas on this list.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for a new man in your life that you can buy for that special man you love, no matter what the occasion.

The Latest Gadgets

If your budget will stretch enough, have a look at the latest gadgets which are out there at the moment. The latest iPhone, iPad, or even pair of headphones will be much appreciated by most men, especially those who are really into their devices.

If you’re buying for an older man who doesn’t have a lot of experience with gadgets, don’t aim too high – go for something simpler instead, such as a basic Android smartphone or a Kindle.

Grooming kits

You can’t go wrong with a good-quality grooming kit. All men need grooming items to keep on top of things, and if you know what brand he likes to use, you can’t possibly go wrong.

You can buy a nice beard grooming kit in USA, Australia, or Canada in most department stores or beauty stores, and many of them will offer gift wrapping too.


What man doesn’t love food?! With a hamper full of foods you know he’s going to love, you’ll make the day of any birthday boy.

You can go for the healthy option with a fruit basket, or let him overdose on chocolate, biscuits, and his favourite alcoholic beverage with something loaded with more calories. It’s a special occasion, after all!

Watches and other Accessories

Most men already have a watch, but there’s nothing wrong with adding another one or two to the collection.

The great thing about buying a watch as a gift is that you can go for a plain leather one or a more classy gold or silver item.

It all depends on your budget or what you think the recipient will really love. Other accessories such as cufflinks, bracelets, and shoes are good and thoughtful gifts for the man you love, too. He might not wear them every day, but when there’s a special occasion, he’ll make good use of them.


Buying clothing for someone you don’t really know can be tricky, but if the recipient of your gift is somebody close to you, then you can’t really do any harm.

Buy clothes depending on what season it is – don’t buy cashmere jumpers in the summertime, and don’t buy sandals and thin shirts during the winter.

You could also ask him if he wants to come shopping with you to choose some clothes or underwear himself – it doesn’t always have to be a surprise.


Most fragrances that people receive as gifts go unworn and unused, mainly because the recipient doesn’t like the fragrance or finds that it irritates their senses.

Unless you know which perfume he likes, avoid buying a random fragrance of your choice as for gifts for the Man.

Yes, he might love it, but there’s a higher chance it’ll remain in the box for several months.

Wrap on Gifts for the Man

These are the six top-notch gifts for the special man in your life, that you can gift on his birthday, marriage anniversary, engagement, or any special occasion. Hope so you like these gifts for your lovely man.

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