Does Your Brand Need A Video To Create More Awareness?

Talking about the ratio of businesses going with video, it has truly increased right from 63% to 81% over the last year. Video production is at its peak. And it is expanding and evolving the way we speak. The fact cannot be ignored that its presence in the marketing world will truly have heightened even more by the end of the year. Yes, your company needs a video to create more awareness.

Here, it needs to mention that it is enough to teach any brand that they are needed to be going with video currently.

Video Is Regarded As An Ideal To Explain Your Product or Service

If you just started your business, a video can truly grab the attention as well as an understanding of your specific audience within 2 minutes. While watching a video, it helps to retain 95% of the message.

The fact cannot be ignored that a video is known for its appealing amalgamation of visuals as well as sound to keep the viewer highly engaged. Watching videos can help them to understand quickly what you can offer them and how the problems can easily be solved. And that is why; classic and creative Video Production Perth is high in demand. Companies want to hire the best video making to come up with excellent results.

Video Helps To Increase The Sales

You might not be aware of the fact that nearly 50% of internet users prefer to go with videos regarding a product or service before stepping out for shopping. Marketers using video production are also known for growing their revenue 49% quickly in comparison to non-video users.

If you include your video on your homepage, you would be able to enhance your conversion rates by 20 per cent or probably more than this. The fact cannot be ignored that video helps to double the excitement as well as the trust of the customers. Video is quite helpful to engage people. And the most important thing is that higher engagement leads can truly lead to more customer conversions.

Video Introduces A Brand’s Personality, Culture And Ethos

The importance of visual assets cannot be ignored. It makes it possible to show off all sorts of things to your audience. The best thing is that watching a video can truly be quite effective in order to see what a brand can truly accomplish following what they “sound”, “look” and “feel” like. Commercial Video Production always understands these factors right from the core. They professionally do everything so that the best outcome can be received.

Sound must be good but it is not the only factor to consider. Video production is regarded as the high asset you truly have in marketing today. It must be highly informative, versatile and digestible.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to consider the video to take your business to the next level, increasing awareness. The more videos of your brand will be circulated, the more you will be known among your potential customers. 

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