Discover what remote access is and learn about the 5 main tools with this technology

When a company decides to adopt the home office or officeless work modality , there are some problems to be overcome . One of them is access to files, data, software that are on the office computers.

To solve this problem, you can use one of the main tools for remote work : remote access.

Don’t know what these tools are? So don’t worry, because in this article you will understand:

  • What is remote access?
  • What are the advantages of remote access tools?
  • The 5 best remote access tools.

Read on to find out more about remote access and the advantages of this technology for teams that work from home.

What is remote access?

Remote access is an information technology that makes it possible for a computer to be accessed by another computer that is not connected to the first computer on the same network. The connection between both computers takes place through a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

As you may have understood by now, the main advantage of remote access tools is the ability to connect people who are working away from the office to company computers.

That way, they can access files and databases , without compromising on deliverables .

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Now, going back to the remote access agenda, in addition to the advantage presented above, there are other benefits that this technology can bring to remote teams. Learn about these benefits in the next topic. Keep reading!

What are the advantages of remote access tools?

The ability to access and connect computers on different networks brings five main advantages to a company. Are they:

Great value for money

Remote access tools are commonly paid for. However, given the numerous facilitations they bring to remote teams , the cost-benefit ratio is excellent.

Process agility

In a VUCA world , agility to carry out processes is essential.

By using remote access tools, the company allows employees who are working from home to obtain data directly, without waiting for the data to be forwarded by other employees who are physically in the office.


Productivity goes hand in hand with agility. As employees can access company computers regardless of where they are working, they do not run out of data or information needed to deliver tasks.

Low infrastructure costs

Some software used within the company can only be used on a specific number of computers and these are usually the office computers.

Without remote access tools, it would be necessary to purchase a new license to connect remote employees’ computers to company software.

Harmony in the team

A problem of companies that adopt the home office is, generally, the lack of harmony between the members who are working away from the office with those who go to the company daily.

Only online meetings cannot integrate the team. It is necessary that those who work from home are able to use information and data autonomously to integrate with the areas of the company.

Enough of the list of benefits! You can already see the benefits of remote access tools for a company. Next, you will learn about the main tools of this technology. Come on?

Top 5 tools for remote access

Check now the list of the 5 main tools for remote access that you can use with your team .

All programs have free versions (or are entirely free) intended for personal use. For companies that need specific features and functionality, there are different types of plans that can be hired to meet corporate needs.

Discover the tools right now!

TeamViewerTeamViewer is the most popular and very simple to use remote access tool . It can be installed on different operating systems.

First, you need to install the tool on a computer 1. Afterwards, you will be able to see a password and an ID number on the program’s homepage. This information can then be entered into TeamViewer on computer 2 and this new computer will connect directly to computer 1.

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is Google’s remote access tool and, despite having few features , it is sufficient for those who need to maintain a computer remotely.

  1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is a tool native to computers with Windows as their operating system.

Despite being quite simple, like Chrome Remote Desktop, the Microsoft tool has an excellent resolution, the connection process is very intuitive and you can still connect computers to mobile devices .

  1. is a very robust tool, with more features than the first one. The main advantage of this tool is that you can connect computers remotely without having to install the application.

You can do the whole process through a browser. However, this practice is recommended if you don’t need to constantly maintain remote access.

If you install the program, you can make voice calls while computers are connected.


The Anydesk tool is very similar to TeamViewer in terms of the way of connecting: through a password and an ID number.

Anydesk’s main advantage over TeamViewer is the high level of security through tokenization . In addition, it is available for different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS and FreeBSD) and for mobile devices like top Android and iOS.

This is the main corporate tool for remote access. Business plans are around $117/month for the 10-computer license.

So, which of these tools will you choose?

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