Compulsory Medical Insurance

Compulsory Medical Insurance

Compulsory Medical Insurance

Where are 1.6 million clients of JSC SG Spasskiye Vorota-M insured under compulsory medical insurance now?

In December 2020, Spasskiye Vorota-M JSC ceased to exist due to the revocation of the license for compulsory medical insurance, and citizens insured under compulsory medical insurance in this medical insurance organization (hereinafter referred to as the CMO) had to choose a new CMO from among those participating in the OMS program of the city of Moscow until  February 28, 2021. For the period from  12/10/2020 to  02/28/2021, 172.6 thousand citizens made the choice of a new HMO. The remaining 1.6 million insured under CHI in  JSC “SG” Spasskie Vorota-M ” that did not replace the health insurance system within the prescribed period, from  03/01/2021 distributed among other 6 health insurance companies participating in the compulsory health insurance program of the city of Moscow, in proportion to the number of insured persons in each of them, in the following proportions: JSC ” IC SOGAZ-Med (662,949), JSC MAKS-M (410,892), OOO MSK MEDSTRAKH (157,544), OOO SMK RESO-MED (154,119), OOO KAPITAL MS (139,905) and  OOO IC INGOSSTRAKH-M (52,458).

From  03/01/2021, citizens can independently find out in which HMO they are now insured. This can be done on the MGFOMS website in the “Policy Check” section or in the Personal Account on, in the “My Data” → “Compulsory Medical Insurance Policy Data” section. All information about the new CMO will also be available there, including the phone number of its “hot” line.

According to paragraph 7 of Art. 16 of the Federal Law of  November 29, 2010, No.  326-FZ “On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation” (hereinafter referred to as the CHI Law), HMOs inform those insured under CHI about the fact of new insurance and the need to obtain a CHI policy. Among the insured in  JSC “SG” Spasskiye Vorota-M ” 912.2 thousand holders of old MHI policies of 1998 (green cards), whose contact details are no longer relevant. It is not possible to contact them for the CMO. Holders of the MHI policy of the old sample need to check their insurance documents in any way possible and independently contact the point of issue of MHI policies (hereinafter referred to as PVP) of the new SMO.

Holders of paper MHI policies of a single sample and MHI policies of a single sample in the format of a plastic card with a chip also need to contact the office of their new HMO. The CMO will put a mark on the new insurance accessory on the back of the paper CHI policy and rewrite the insurance accessory on the chip of the CHI plastic policy. Holders of a plastic MHI policy with a chip must have a PIN / PUK code with them for registration. If they are lost, the MHI policy must be reissued. MFC “My Documents” does not carry out these actions.

We remind you that according to clause 3 of part 2 of Art. 16 of the Law on Compulsory Medical Insurance, insured persons are obliged to notify the CMO of a change in the last name, first name, patronymic, data of an identity document, and place of residence within one month from the day these changes occurred. A list of all CMOs that are participants in the compulsory medical insurance system of the city of Moscow can be found on the MGFOMS website in the  “References” – “CMO” section. You can find the nearest CMO office in the section “References” – “Policy issuance points”.

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