Choosing Online Over Offline Proctor Test

Online testing is considered to be one of the most decent platforms of assessment and has been used in different sectors for the right hiring and career optimization.

For more than 20 years, such a type of assessment is followed on a large scale. The most common type of such type of test is the objective one.

In this type of testing, a candidate is expected to work on the subject knowledge or is used to understand the learning ability or the behavioral profile.

Know more about the issues that come with offline proctored tests:

Understand the fact that, over the past few years, the online proctored exam has gained a lot of importance because, it offers a better solution, and ensures that there is an exam center where the evaluator actually focuses on the right decision.

The test taker can make it convenient for different organizations to administer any type of test or form. Besides, the most qualified proctors are quite hard to find.

Furthermore, it is hard to make sure that the proctoring quality is also well assessed.

Since there will not be available to have a cross-check on whether the proctor did the job as desired, it is expected that the offline option should be avoided.

Why go for an Online proctored Solution?

The best part is online proctored; you don’t really have to be worried about dining at the test centers where you can actually accommodate the people.

Rather. It is the most convenient option since a candidate can sit from any corner and get the best platform. Understand that online tests without proctoring can be quite a risky affair.

It has often been reported as a part of cheating or even impersonating. There is a high risk of candidates asking other people who have sat in the same exam for some reference or idea.

Some candidates often use Smartphone or even other devices which later can prove to be harmful.

What is Online Exam Proctoring?

In this type of solution, there is a video that is being connected. A candidate is expected to monitor online at the time of test duration with either mic or webcam and make sure access is done for better candidate screening.

However, for such type of test a candidate is expected to have a suitable device, internet connection, and a functional webcam with a mic.

Besides, it is categorized into three major types which are:

  1. Live online proctoring: In which there is a qualified proctor who evaluates the candidates with the audio and video and screen that is being shared.
  2. Recorded Proctoring: In this type of assessment, the monitoring is done as per the feed in which the screen is being shared and recorded at the time of the test.
  3. Advanced Automated Proctoring: Such type of proctoring is the most advanced one where the screen sharing is done and recorded and if there is any kind of suspicious activity found, the analytics of the same is derived.

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