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How to check your PNR status – For your Train Journey

There are a few things about which you have to know when traveling on a train. One of the most important ones is the PNR number or the Passenger Name Record number.

This is not only an important database reference point for the Indian Railways, but also for the passengers.

PNR numbers exist for flight travels as well and are not exclusive to railway journeys.

However, when it comes to the Indian Railways, a PNR  can go a long way in making your journey smoother and well-informed.

PNR number Benefits for the passenger

For starters, suppose you have booked a ticket, and it is on the waitlist. What will you do? How will you know whether or not your ticket is confirmed before your journey? This is where the PNR number comes in handy.

This number is unique for every journey of every passenger, and hence, once you key in this number in any online web portal giving information about the Indian railways or through SMS, you will be able to learn of the status of your booking, i.e., whether or not your seat has been confirmed or you have moved up from the Waiting List to RAC.

The PNR number can also be used to track a live train that is running if you are about to catch or you want to know if it is on time.

PNR number is also helpful in case of cancelling a ticket which can be done 2 hours before the train leaves or 2 hours after.

How to check your PNR status

There are numerous ways of checking your PNR status, for which you will have to note down your PNR number immediately after it is generated with the ticket.

Pass this on to your family members as well so that they can keep track of you when you are travelling. Here are the ways, which you can use to check your PNR status:

  1. There are a lot of online web portals, which you can use to generate your PNR status. You can key in the number on these sites, and in no time, they will let you know what the status of the train that you are travelling in, the status of your reservation, etc.
  2. There is a stipulated number as well where you can call, like customer service, key in your PNR number, and they will let you know what the current status is. If you do have access to the internet, you can go for this.
  3. SMS services are also available for which you will have to send the PNR number to a given number, and they will text you back your status. This one comes really in handy when you want to keep a check on things on the go.
  4. Apart from these, you can always check the status at a self-help kiosk, which has been installed at various stations by just keying in your PNR number.
  5. When all fails, you always have the option of enquiring manually at the enquiry office of the station.

Now that you know how to check your PNR, you can be easily on track with the journey that you are about to take!

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