Buying a Car: Should You Use a Car-Buying Service?

You enlist the help of a doctor when you’re ill, and a personal trainer to lose weight, so why not enlist the help of a car buying service to help you buy a new car?

A car purchase is often the second-biggest buy a household can make, after the house. A car buying service can be a convenient way to access fleet pricing, and also dodge dealership sales tactics.

With this busy lives, juggling work, social, and family commitments, heading down to the dealership on a Saturday morning hardly appears like a pleasurable task. From the slick suits to the fast talking, dealers can be considered a nightmare. So why not cut out that whole process?

What is a car buying service?

A car buying service is as the name implies – it’s a person or a firm that buys cars because of their clients. Generally known as a ‘car broker’, the service acts as a middleman between car buyer, and dealership.

The car buying service does the dirty work – finding out what inventory the car dealer has, sourcing the appropriate car, and working out the best price.

Many of us readily enlist the assistance of a mortgage broker, so why not use a car broker?

Benefits of a car buying service

The main benefit for a car buying service is they are professional negotiators, and because of the volume of trade, can negotiate bulk-buying or fleet-level discounts from the dealership.

This saves the automobile buyer the effort of having to walk in to a dealership, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, hoping to get a competitive price.

A car buying service can help remove most of the hassle linked to the car buying process.

On top of negotiating with a dealer, an automobile buying service can also help the hopeful new car owner organise insurance, finance, salary packaging services, and even more.

Through the car buying process, a good car buying service can also organise test drives and trade-ins, potentially eliminating the need that you can talk to an auto dealership at all.

The end result is the fact you could finish up with a fresh car price significantly cheaper than buying retail, or if you had tried to negotiate with a dealership yourself.

Furthermore, a car buying service can also help you secure extras, such as paint upgrades, window tints, boot/floor mats, and paint protection. While you’ll still need to have some thought of the car you want, a car buying service does a lot of the leg do the job.

Do car buying services charge a fee?

A lot of the time, there is no upfront charge with an automobile buying service. Instead, the way they earn a living is through essentially collecting a ‘finders’ fee’ from the dealership, for connecting you, the buyer, with the them, the seller.

This could amount to anywhere from $100 to more than $1,000, with respect to the make and model of the vehicle in question.

What are the steps of by using a car buying service?

  • Make an enquiry – submit your information and an expert will be in touch shortly.
  • Consultation – the car buying specialist will see cars that match your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Compare Offers – A few offers will be presented within 48 hours, and after that you can organise a try.
  • Receive your carcar buying service can organise delivery of the new vehicle once purchased.

This nearly eliminates the need that you should even set foot in a dealership

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