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Brother Luminaire XP2 Sew Embroidery Designs Quilt Machine | Single Needle


Brother luminier single needle embroidery machine

Brother Luminaire XP2 embroidery quilt machine is a single needle embroidery machine that includes all the advanced features that an efficient and beneficial machine could hold. It has a large embroidery frame which will result in better embroidery performance. 

The LCD screen display can manage, zoom and edit all the embroidery designs to be performed on the fabric. Consisting of many feed embroidery designs makes it easy to select designs and embroider them with perfection. Only a few models come with automatic detection when to stop the work. Not only detect, but it can also zoom in and out to preview the embroidery design.


  •         Almost 1300 built-in embroidery design, 670 decorative stitches, and 192 Disney designs
  •         The speed of this machine is 1,050 SPM, and a camera to scan fabric and designs.
  •         Brother Luminaire XP2 has a workspace of 65 square inches        
  •         Innovative connectivity options by My Stitch Monitor Mobile App
  •         Four built-in frames, 10.1 LCD capacitive display
  •        Endpoint sewing function to stop the sewing where you want to end
  •         A quick-release plate of a needle, color shuffle three functions for more color possibilities
  •         LED light of robust and high color used to see the embroidery design, foldable thread’s spool, quilting stitches in 3 lengths ( can be used with hands)
  •         Adjustable pressure footer with knee lifter.


Large embroidery Area:

Large Embroidery Area

One of the largest and advanced frames that brother can provide in their series is in Brother Luminaire XP2 machine, which measures 10-5/8 x 16 inches of the surface.

Guideline Marker Line and Grid:

It provides a guideline marker line and grid to position the embroidery design on the fabric by recommending single, angled, double, and gridline options to embroider at the exact dimensions. It’s an excellent feature for tintacks, multiple rows of stitches, curtain rod gaps, parallel stitching, hems, decorative, and cross-stitching.

Stitch Vision Technology:

Can preview, edit and audition the designs and stitches on fabric in a preview area of 5 x 3 inches.

Workspace and needle arm:

This machine is best to handle virtually made designs by a workspace of  65 square inches. The needle arm of size 13.1 inches is one of our most giant arms to accommodate the quilt.

LCD display with capacitive technology:

LCD display with capacitive technology

This machine is best to handle virtually made machine embroidery designs by a workspace of  65 square inches. The needle arm of size 13.1 inches is one of our most giant arms to accommodate the quilt.

Spring lever frame:

Frames have rubber plated to grip the fabric; in this phase, a spring lever releases the clamp hooping. Some of the additional frames provided with the machine are 10-5/8 x 10-5/8  inches, 5 x 7 inches, and 4 x 4 inches to handle the tough and delicate fabrics too.

Built-in pointer for embroidery:

It displays a mark in three colors with a sign of “T” while giving the center of the embroidery design to position the needle on the fabric.

My Design Snap Mobile app:

Now you can work without wires by My design Snap Mobile app to transfer every design from the phone to the machine.

Endpoint Sewing:

end point

By the Innovated feature, the camera detects the stitch frequency and stops at the place where you want to end the embroidery design automatically.

Built-in tutorials:

Brother provides built-in tutorials to their machines so that a newbie can easily learn features. Moreover, it helps to embroider on the fabric as it contains 40 tutorial videos with a high display.

Quilt Embroidery:

By this feature, there’s five options to give sash designs of  2 color quilting. Hence attractive and elegant border work can be seen. Five hexagon shapes are there to provide you more options for quilting.


Brothers always launch unique features with advanced technology in the market. The same is in Brother Luminaire XP2 Sew Embroidery Quilt Machine, the best-selling machine with a large embroidery field area. You can enjoy advanced features with great quality embroidery work on your required products. Hence a complete range of eye-catching features gives perfections to your embroidery work.

perfections to your embroidery work.

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