Basic characteristics of dental insurance

If you are concerned about your oral health, you should know that there are specific insurance policies designed to protect the well-being of your mouth. Knowing the basic characteristics of dental insurance will help you take out the policy that best suits your needs and characteristics and those of your family:

  • This type of insurance has as a fundamental guarantee the provision of odontostomatological services. This includes general and preventive dentistry, dental and periodontal surgery and radiology, usually for insured persons over 15 years of age. In addition, other odontostomatological services are offered at reduced prices with excess. The deductible is a predetermined amount that will be the only thing that the insured pays if he needs to use a specific coverage.
  • The best insurances provide children under 15 free of charge with full dental care, with the exception of orthodontia, which is usually provided at reduced prices (with excess).


  • Good insurance allows the insured to choose the professional or dental health center they prefer.
  • The most extensive policies guarantee all the materials used in the required treatments for a period of one year, extending the guarantee up to 5 years in the case of implants.
  • Some policies offer very different complementary benefits, such as the guarantee to the insured of the payment of a daily compensation as a result of contracted illness or an accident. This benefit is give as long as the insure has to be admit to a hospital for medical or surgical reasons. The compensation is usually increase if the income occurs in a province other than the usual one.
  • A very interesting benefit that some insurance include is telephone assistance for any questions related to dental health, oral budgets or franchises established for some services. The best insurances also offer telephone advice on pediatric issues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a service that is highly value by those insured who have small children.
  • The best policies also have psychological care services by telephone, for all those psycho-emotional issues that may affect the insured.

Dental insurance limits

Beyond the benefits and as it happens in other types of policies, it is convenient to know that dental insurance generally has certain exclusions and limitations. Copayments with the best known, because today it is not possible to contract dental insurance without copayment that allows us to access all the services mentioned. But are not the only ones.

Directly related to them we find the refunds. It is important that, if we have contracted a reimbursement dental insurance, we look at what its limit is. That is, what percentage of the expenses are they going to return to us?

It is also key to know how and how often they offer the different benefits. A policy that includes one filling a year will not be the same as another that does it more times, for example. And the same goes for everything else.

Likewise, certain treatments usually have waiting periods during which we will not be able to access them. To which it applies and its duration depends on each insurer. Some companies, on the other hand, only offer their emergency services in certain cities -such as Adelas Dental Familiar, which has 24-hour emergencies in Madrid and Barcelona-.

And we can also find some age limitations when it comes to including our children in dental insurance or hiring a family one. Other tests usually excluded in dental insurance are diagnostic tests with Dentascan.

Reasons to take out dental insurance

That said, there are plenty of reasons to purchase dental insurance. The main one is that you will have the possibility of accessing services that Social Security does not provide without having to make an extraordinary outlay.

In the case of that attention that it does offer -such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, among others- you will not have to stand in line. In addition, taking care of our mouth is something that must be do continuously over time to prevent diseases.

If we talk about children and although public health does include some more benefits, dental insurance is equally interesting, especially in the case of orthodontics, which some insurers offer with more than a 30% discount. In short, if you take out dental insurance, you will save time and money. In addition, these are not expensive policies: you will find offers on the market for up to 8 euros per month even less.

It is also important to note that you will have an emergency service that will assist you whenever you need it (there is nothing worse than a toothache) and that you will be able to access a medical team with numerous professionals.


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